What We Do

Serving your best interest. Bettering your bottom line.

We are the PACE specialists for commercial real estate owners.

As pioneers in C-PACE, we recognized that owners needed an advocate in the process. We function independently from any providers. Which means we manage everything on your behalf – with your best interest in mind.

We capitalize on our team’s comprehensive understanding of C-PACE financing from a national level. From audit to closing and everything in between – we work with one goal in mind: securing the optimal gains for your project.

Step 1: Developing your capital improvement plan

A Holistic Point of View

Tailored to individual or portfolio-wide objectives, we work to create The Whole Plan, identifying your best opportunities for economic benefit.

A Comprehensive Approach

We identify underutilized federal, state, local, public and private financing –as well as equity, incentives, rebates and tax credits to give you every advantage possible.

Optimizing C-PACE

We organize and execute all your C-PACE strategies, offering full-service guidance throughout the process.


Step 2: Evaluating potential building efficiencies

By executing a comprehensive energy efficiency assessment, we can consider all opportunities for efficiency upgrades and balance sheet savings.

Energy Consumption

The average commercial building wastes an enormous amount of energy. And there’s always room to improve. From easy adjustments to big-ticket wins, saving energy means saving costs.

Resource Conservation

Conservation of critical resources like water is growing in significance. Our team is skilled in implementing this opportunity that can be simple to address – but often overlooked in commercial properties.

renewable energy

From current staples to new innovations, we evaluate the ROI of implementing every clean energy source – determining the benefits to your ratings and to your balance sheet.


Step 3: Local PACE Guidance

Because all programs are not the same, every project needs to be approached individually. Our multi-functional team of experts guides you through every unique set of PACE complexities.

Analyzing the opportunity

  • Determining project eligibility
  • Studying financial feasibility / analyzing balance sheet
  • Procuring financing

Crafting the plan

  • Managing energy audits
  • Creating project scope
  • Submitting the application

Executing for success

  • Assisting in project management / implementation
  • Consulting legally and managing agreements
  • Closing the financing

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