Frequently Asked Questions

It’s complicated. That’s why we’re here.

The Integro team knows better than anyone the multitude of questions that arise from the complexities of a C-PACE project. We’ve answered some of the most common ones below.

Should I only consider projects with quick payback periods?

No! This is one of the biggest mistakes we see – owners not realizing (or not being made aware) that their best opportunity with C-PACE is to evaluate all the measures and see what works best for the owner. Consider cost-to-savings psf vs. simply looking at payback periods. Doing only the quick payback measures (i.e. lighting) is like scraping the icing off your own cake!

Some quicker payback projects can offset the costs of measures with longer paybacks. Integro can help you evaluate these considerations from a commercial real estate perspective so that you can make the best business decisions for you and your property. Call us first!

Why not just go directly to a C-PACE Fund?

With something as important as a 20 year financing, don’t you want to know the lenders had to compete for your business? The funds and banks want our business because we’re the market leader in C-PACE volume. As a result, we can achieve better terms by making lenders earn your (and our) business. We also include local banks in the competition as they can offer competitive rates and terms to other lending sources. Don’t get locked-in to a single source lender that is not necessarily looking out for your interests.

Can any vendor apply for C-PACE financing?

Vendors can apply for C-PACE financing. However, there is a large percentage of C-PACE deals that are not getting closed. Many understand the concept of C-PACE but executing the C-PACE process to completion is entirely different. Integro has the Commercial Real Estate knowledge and C-PACE experience to get deals closed and your projects funded. Integro is the market leader in total volume of C-PACE financing in Colorado. C-PACE requires specific expertise. You wouldn’t have your plumber help you with your home refi – wouldn’t you want a C-PACE financing expert to help you with such an important set of decisions? C-PACE is a CRE tool – Integro is made up of CRE professionals.

What are average energy savings?

Integro’s projects have seen an average of 35% energy savings. We are helping all sorts of property owners save huge sums of money, become more energy efficient, reduce energy costs and reduce carbon footprints in the process. Ask Integro how to convert and capitalize on your savings, leveraging those same dollars to pay for capital improvements.

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